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Kevs Inkhouse - Aberdeen Tattoo Studio, 57 Powis Terrace, Aberdeen AB25 3PZ
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Parking, Tickets, Nightmares! Finding a good Tattoo Artist is hard, finding one with parking is even harder. Running back and forth for tickets, paying, finding a space, running late and still having to walk 10 to 20 minutes. At Kevs Inkhouse Tattoo Parlour we are situated 2 minutes from Sainsbury's at Berryden Retail Park, no time limits, no charges or fees. 4 Minutes from Kittybrewster Retail park where there is up to Two Hours Free.

• Environmental Health Dep't Registered & Inspected
• Sainsbury's, Berryden Rd, Aberdeen AB25 3SA
• Kittybrewster Retail Park, Bedford Rd, Aberdeen AB24 3LJ

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💀☠️ Kevs Inkhouse - Aberdeen Tattoo Studio ☠️💀 It's Now really easy to book your Dream Tattoo with our Facebook Shop we will be Expanding our shop to our Website within the next few months. Still thinking about that Tattoo you always wanted? Your Life, Your Design, Your Way! Drop us a Message we are here to Help. High-Quality Artwork, Clean Fresh & Family Friendly Environment, we are super approachable with any Tattoo inquiries, Private Tattoo room. Your one-stop ink-shop for long lasting stunning Tattoos.

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